A new creator-centric series of tutorials addressing the 3D to AR workflow

Introducing AR QuickTips

Deep dive into AR Content Creation

For over two years, we’ve been talking to amazing creators out there (yep, addressing exactly you!). We did this with one simple goal – trying to understand what you as an AR creator need to craft the most immersive Augmented Reality experiences possible.

We know the way to get there can be a long and rocky road with many pitfalls, and since day one, we’ve tried to develop our storytelling platform alongside your most pressing needs and requirements.

However, the more conversations we had over time, the more we identified shared problems and patterns. Sometimes we can offer solutions, but just as often we can't.

»Postgraffiti« experience by Pauser

Here’s something we can do though:

Addressing the issues we encounter the most and sharing some quick tips and workarounds, as we’ve been active in the immersive space for quite some years, and we have a lot of knowledge to share with you! It won’t be 42, the ultimate answer to everything, but hopefully, it will make your life as an AR creator a little easier.

We proudly introduce Scavengar's tutorial series »AR QuickTips«.
You’re going to find video tutorials on 3D creation, AR insights, and much more about Augmented Reality in its totality. In addition, we want to create this space to help you get the most out of Scavengar, sharing all the dirty little AR secrets with you.

It's not only about the functionality and features of the app but also about the burning questions of AR creators (let’s call them ARtists):

  • Which assets are suitable for Augmented Reality?
  • How do I create showrooms and AR stories that users like to play?
  • What can I do if I encounter bugs (not the cute crawlers, but in our software)?
  • What will happen in the future in the field of Extended Reality (are we all doomed)?
  • And ultimately, how does Scavengar work?

In a nutshell:

What do I need to know if I want to create the most amazing augmented reality applications possible?

Stay tuned for tutorials, videos, AR lessons within Scavengar, insights from artists, and much more.
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Written by:
  • Henriette Gressler Henriette Gressler
  • Marc Wicht Marc Wicht