Ladies and gentlemen… let the magic begin! ✨

As we kick-off a new year, we look back at an exciting journey since we’ve launched Scavengar.

We had a gut feeling that the world was ripe for new immersive experiences but didn’t know what to expect. Our initial goal was to gain more insights, understand the user and their needs behind so we could continue our iterations to create a product that would be loved by everyone.

Over the past months we’ve noticed how people started creating all sorts of exciting AR experiences, ranging from simple scavenger hunts over digital art galleries to interactive educational content.

Moving onto 2021 full of energy and great ambitions, we wanted to share some of our early thoughts, the learnings we’ve made so far and give an outlook on what’s coming up next.

We’re so grateful for all the support and look forward to keep growing together!

Happy reading 😉

Who are we?

A growing bunch of crazy folks who think that everyone can be a magician.

Why are we here?

  • Jedis are on a new high 🚀
  • Picard goes “Whoop-Whoop-Whoopi!” 🙌
  • Yoda has followed the path of Benjamin Button 👶
  • Hayao Miyazaki turned 80, let’s face it… his time on earth is limited 😱

Got it? We are here for YOU!

The next gen of makers and creators
The painters and builders of tomorrow’s world
The Sci-fi, Disney and Studio Ghibli lovers who can’t stop daydreaming
We believe that you have all the ability to take out your imaginations and creations into the real world. They deserve it.

So what the hack are we doing?

We’ve set out to build a new platform that enables spatial and immersive experience. Our platform is driven by augmented reality because we think it’s the one emerging technology that will forge an intimate connection between the physical and the digital worlds, much closer than ever before. It allows you to expand your imagination into the physical world and create interactive experience on a new level.

Immersive storytelling at your fingertips
Use our in-app editor to create an immersive AR experience around your own artwork and creations right from your phone (maybe on your sofa?). Give it a unique story with a different edge to awe your audience and let them discover it from different perspectives.

»There’s no magic in magic, it’s all in the details«
Walt Disney made it clear and Dieter Rams emphasized it too - details are everything and the baseline of quality. Visual fidelity of your work is the core of our work. We are striving for usability and attention to details while pushing the boundaries of AR as a medium to bring the best out of you and your creativity, letting you create magic.

App Clips – Drop it like it’s hot 🔥
Get your own AR experience out into the real world. Share it through App Clips and spare your fans and followers the hustle of downloading the app. It’s easy, fast and puts your immersive story into the focus of the audience.

Our creators seem to enjoy the platform because it’s a place that fuels imagination and drive opportunities for new discoveries anywhere at any time. They end their days with a feeling of contributing to the world whether through their entertaining creations, inspiring artworks or new learning materials.

What’s next?

  • We aim to let magic happen 🪄
  • We know magic requires detail, hard work and persistence 🖖
  • We want to ensure a robust platform and tools to ensure that people have a great experience with our product as well as with your creations.

Few topics that are on top of our minds as we work towards a broader release:

Features to encourage social interaction.
While we’ve aimed to enable fast and smooth creations of AR experiences, just dropping content into the virtual world is simply not enough. How can the audience interact with elements and objects created by our creators? How do creators best collect input from their audience to understand the emotions and feelings their work evokes? What product features could we make to so people could socialize with their surroundings and engage with creators in a virtual spatial world through AR?

Tools to amplify creator’s work.
You created a great AR experience through Scavengar? Awesome! We want to make sure you have more tools that will help you to get your work out into the world. How do you want to share it to your audience, guerrilla and big bang tactics? How can users with potential interested discover your creations? Should we enable ongoing editing so creators can expand their experience over the time?

Testing. Testing. Testing.
We published initial versions but we’re not done here. We keep growing our amazing group of beta testers. We want to be pushed to think harder about important issues and get more feedback as we work to understand the different needs and nuances of AR as a new medium. Who might be interested in using our platform? Whose creativity is ripe to be unleashed? How can we get in touch with more beta testers?

These are important questions, and there’s no right answer, just “easy solutions'' that could have ripple effects. So, if you’re not yet onboard you sign up for the waitlist here and get ready to travel with the speed of light. We are so excited to welcome you and to hear what you think!

To everyone who has already joined our early beta, shared their love and criticism - We are immensely grateful for any feedback you’ve given us. You set the foundations and move this platform forward.

Thank you for reading! 🙏🏽