Blended Learning

A specialised teacher dashboard allowing educators to seamlessly assign quizzes or homeworks, allows for digital learning while helping deliver the results of in-class learning to the comfort of your homes.

Learning on the move

Become an active learner in the truest sense, as you move within your surroundings while playing a hunt. Apart from its numerous health benefits, the ability to move while learning is sure to boost students’ morale & enhance their concentration span and engagement within a classroom.

Gamified Learning

Earning points on collecting different items or completing unique tasks, as students compete to set a new highscore, helps enhance the spirit of healthy competition and create a gamified setting for students to interact within.

Transform your school

Transform your school into the site of your planned excursion trip with Augmented Reality, and enable students to experience the site while being inside the secured confinements of your very campus.

Be the creator

An intuitive user interface encourages students to engage in complex subjects with ease and creatively showcase and share their learnings.

Learning for Everyone

Catering to children with special needs, Scavenger’s interface allows them to learn at their own pace, thus enhancing efficiency and giving each student the tools to create their own unique learning space.

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